An early review of my book….

photo(1)        Here’s a link to an early, prepublication review of my book, THE TEN MINUTE COGNITIVE WORKOUT.  I expect the book to be released later this month.  But as I said in an earlier post:   “The wheels of publication turn slowly.”

The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout describes and teaches you a simple, easy to learn exercise designed to manage mood and change behavior.  As the title suggests, the exercise requires an investment of only ten minutes a day.  Despite its ease of execution, the Ten Minute Cognitive Workout  is surprisingly powerful.  It’s based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  What we think directly affects how we feel.  Our thoughts govern our emotions.

The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout  shows you a simple way to replace negative, irrational, dysfunctional thoughts with positive, rational, functional ones.  These new thoughts become internalized and produce positive changes in emotions and behavior.

“Our thoughts make us what we are.”
~Dale Carnegie

About Peggy D. Snyder. Ph.D.

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