Tips for writing effective Cognitive Workout Statements:

  • Keep your statements short, clear and simple. 
  • Target only one emotion per statement. 
  • Target only one behavior per statement. 
  • Avoid targeting an emotion and a behavior in the same statement. 
  • Write statements that contain only one clause. 
  • Avoid writing statements with an independent and a dependent clause.

             For example:  I am feeling calm and relaxed when I go to the party.  [This statement is too complicated.]

            It’s better to write:

                      I am looking forward to the party.

                      I am feeling calm and relaxed at the party.

                      I am feeling very calm and relaxed.

Avoid targeting too many emotions or behaviors on the same day. I recommend limiting yourself to no more than three emotions and/or three behaviors.  In other words, you would write different statements that target the same emotion.

             For example (despondency):

                       I am enjoying today.

                       I am feeling upbeat and positive.

                       I am smiling a lot today.

                       I am feeling optimistic.

            You can continue to target the same emotion or behavior on subsequent days.  You can repeat statements every day that seem most helpful and effective.

            Keeping your statements clear, simple, and short helps the subconscious mind internalize them with greater ease and efficiency.



I am writing short, simple statements.

I am targeting one emotion per statement.                       

I am targeting one behavior per statement.

I am writing statements that contain only one clause.



About Peggy D. Snyder. Ph.D.

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