Before a threat becomes imminent


   To reduce feelings of stress

       Write these Cognitive Workout statements and read them aloud:


I am remaining calm and relaxed.

 I am outlining an evacuation plan.

 I am thinking through my plan.

 I am staying informed of current news alerts.

 I am taking sensible measures to protect my house.

 I am reminding myself of the proactive steps I am taking.

 I am following a clear evacuation plan.

 I am saving the things most important to me.

 I am clarifying what I’m able to control.

 I am controlling what I can.

 I am letting go of all things out of my control.

 I am remaining calm and relaxed.

   I am moving calmly and smoothly through my evacuation plan.



 For detailed information regarding Evacuation Planning in the event of a wildfire, click on this SITE.



About Peggy D. Snyder. Ph.D.

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