New Year’s Resolutions

You can make your New Year’s resolutions a reality by writing them every day in the form of Cognitive Workout Statements. Fulfilling your resolutions will become part of your everyday routine. For example:

  • I am working out today.
  • I am eating healthy foods today.
  • I am counting Weight Watcher points today.
  • I am working toward my goal of (_____________) today.
  • I am going to the gym today.
  • I am enrolling in (________________) today.
  • I am starting my (____________) project today.


Whatever your resolutions are, write them in the form of Cognitive Workout statements:    Positive statements in the Present tense using the Progressive ‘ing’ form of the verb that all begin with the words “I am”.

After you write them, read them aloud or to yourself three times during the day and they will become an integral part of your thoughts and behavior.



About Peggy D. Snyder. Ph.D.

Psychologist, Author
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